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Our retirement fund solutions are designed to enhance your employees’ lives by helping them to retire better. We do this with a combination of low fees and passive investments. Fees are at the core of an investment portfolio and can have a substantial impact on the fund’s net performance over time. By investing the core of the retirement portfolio into passive investment funds that track the broader market we are able to keep fees low and generate more returns.


Our philosophy is to educate our clients to understand all aspects of their retirement funds and to make informed decisions with us. At BetaPlus we optimise your employees' risk products by renegotiating rates on a annual basis. This means we get the best possible cover at the most affordable price for your employees every year. This ensures they have the maximum cover when it comes to Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability Cover and Funeral Benefits.


Our main focus is to ensure we put your employees in the best possible position to ensure that they and their families will have sufficient cover for any unforeseen event.

BetaPlus Group Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Reg No: 2014/226811/07. FSP No: 45655.

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Our highly skilled and experienced consultants can provide you with independent and holistic advice, ensuring that you enjoy customised healthcare solutions – whether you’re an employer group or individual member. Our size and capabilities mean that we can always offer you a customer-centric and boutique experience. We’ll help control unnecessary cost escalations by ensuring that your members make the correct healthcare choices.


BetaPlus Health provides employers with an objective assessment by benchmarking the leading medical schemes and allied products using well-defined key criteria. We analyse, implement, and monitor your chosen healthcare strategy on an on-going basis.


Our consultants will regularly communicate with all members, which includes general updates and annual benefit renewal information. We proactively engage with individuals identified as being over or under insured to ensure they have the best healthcare option.

BetaPlus Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Reg No: 2016/390975/07. FSP No: 48340.


BetaPlus Wealth Solutions is highly regarded as a leading wealth creation institution measured upon results, senior experience within our business, and client satisfaction.


Our success can be attributed to our proven ability to map a tangible, strategic path to wealth that offers flexibility and ongoing guidance in a changing economic environment. Beyond general wealth creation, we offer tailored services for milestones throughout life (Tax / Estate Planning / Cost Optimisation). We also focus on business advice and taxation strategies, as well as important financial protection measures, such as insurance and estate planning.


We protect and grow the wealth of our clients by building a trusting personal relationship with each client and by providing independent impartial advice unique to each client’s circumstances.

BetaPlus Wealth Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a juristic representative of BetaPlus Group Solutions (Pty) Ltd FSP No: 45655

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Imali Asset Management is a boutique asset manager that has a simple but effective strategy when it comes to our unit trust funds. We believe in passive investing strategies that track local and offshore markets but manage the funds with an active asset allocation.


By utilising this active asset allocation, we are able to out-perform the average managers at a lower risk than most of our peers. This gives our clients top quartile and risk adjusted returns. Being a smaller asset manager, Imali utilises our flexibility to move into overweight positions that our larger competitors can’t always access.


Imali is free to move into asset classes like Gold, Silver, and Platinum when we see opportunity and because we have an active asset allocation we can quickly sell out of these overweight positions once we believe the investment has reached fair value.

Imali Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. Reg No: 2017/135107/07. FSP No: 48326.



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